Why Soil Association Organic?

As a soil Association Certified company, Freshious Life & Beauty would like to declare that as far as what we feed our skin is concerned, over processed skincare stops with us.

We don’t just choose ingredients because they are organic though. We choose ingredients because of the benefits of their nutrients, what that brings to the skins ‘digestive system’ and how each particular ingredient works in synergy with the rest in our super charged formulas. Now, if there was a way that you could ensure you retain up to 60% more of the benefits of those nutrients for your skin would you turn it down? That’s why we ensure our products use organic ingredients. It’s scientifically proven that you retain 60% more of the benefits of nutrients when they are in organic produce. We understand there is a lot of green washing going on at the moment, and our certification with the soil association has the benefit of assuring you that:

– Our products contain no less than 70% organic ingredients

– All ingredients are harvested without the use of pesticides

– Our manufacturing process stands up to scrutiny

– All our ingredients are sustainably sourced

Do You Know what your skin is eating?

Giving back

We believe goodness and kindness should be spread all over the word, Freshious Life & Beauty is not just about feeding goodness into your skin, we also seek to feed goodness back into people and communities.

That’s why we pledge to to support charitable causes and to encourage communities to live life on purpose, to live life abundantly and to dream big, dream loud and dream in colour.

Giving is a wonderfull thing to do…so let’s give back and feed each community with a fresh sense of freedom to live abundantly.

Are you Freshious?

Are you a store owner or beauty consultant and obsessed with all things nutrition, natural and organic? Would you like to stock a new and nutritionally modern take on organic skincare?

To find out more about becoming a Freshious brand ambassador and priding your shelves with our brand, please do contact us today to find out about our wholesale opportunities.