5-A-Day™ Radiance Eye Cream

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5-A-Day Radiance Eye Cream

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Certified formula to give your eye area a vibrant health boost… All with the power of 5-A-Day™ for radiant youthful eyes.

Dear delicate under-eye area, from this day forward, for puffiness or dark circles, dullness or fine lines, we promise to brighten and to smooth, to firm and to tone. With light application and fast absorption, we will radiate and wow you- in the twinkling of an eye. All certified organic, we will make you come alive with antioxidant rich Green Tea, vitamin A & C packed Carrot Seed, skin smoothing Avocado, omega 5 rich Pomegranate and hydrating Apricot- that’s a unique blend of 5 of your 5-A-Day ™ in the third step to radiant, youthful skin.

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Why is it so good:

  • Carotenoids help protect against UV rays and sun damage
  • Refreshes and restores radiance
  • Anti-oxidants and vitamin C mix for helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles
  • Anti-inflammatory effects of marigold for helping to soothe and reduce puffiness
  • High vitamin A content helps to reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles
  • Good precursor for the use of our 5-A-Day™ Radiance Day Cream or our 5-A-Day™ Radiance Night Cream

Who it’s for:
Suitable for all skin types but especially suitable for dull, dark-circled or puffy eyes and eyes showing first appearance of fine lines.

How to use it:
Morning and night, gently dab onto the delicate area around your eyes using your ring finger and lightly smoothing it in after cleansing. That’s it. Splendid.

For best results, follow up with Step 4- 5-A-Day™ Radiance Day Cream

Freshious Tip: Don’t forget to nourish your eye lid and brow area too!

Nutritional Information:
Green Tea

What it smells like:
Absolutely virgin- no additional natural fragrance added just the subtle scent of the natural oils for its nutritional benefits

What it feels like:
Soothed, hydrated and bright!

More Information

Gluten free

Suitable for vegetarians
and vegans

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